WorkIQ is a work attitude test based on the research, identifying key factors separating star performers from average performers in world leading organizations. The research which was co-sponsored by Bell Laboratory, IBM, 3M and prominent Silicon Valley organizations has been found to be highly predictive of staff performance in competitive environments.

WorkIQ is completely different from conventional IQ and personality profiling it primarily an attitude test designed to accurately measure and predict peoples work ethics .  While conventional IQ measures peoples thinking speed or efficiency in a specific area of work, WorkIQ measure people’s ability to access and utilize such speed and efficiency to overcome real life  challenges in the work place given uncertainties, and relationship complexities existing in competitive environments. Also, while personality profiles give clue about which type of job a person’s talents are better fit for, WorkIQ explains why two people with similar personality codes produces significantly different work performance under similar work conditions. WorkIQ is not a substitute for technical competence; it is a key multiplying factor to talents and technical competence. That is, a person with a very high technical competence can still be an average or poor performer if his WORKIQ is low. However, a person with a very high WorkIQ is not automatically competent in a technical profession, but will be a better performer if skilled in the specific technical profession.

WorkIQ is not a static variable. It is a reflection of dominant subconscious programming developed by a person over time through social and environmental scripting. This subconscious programming provides default decision making basis utilized by people when faced with real life challenges in the work environment. Cumulative decisions and choices made regularly by a person in the work environment ultimately determine his measurable results or performance over a given period of time. WorkIQ can be changed or significantly improved if a person is exposed to relevant training and mind transformation therapy.

WorkIQ test is a tool developed to measure the level of candidates’ subconscious awareness of the 5 key variables observed among star performers in world leading organizations.

Work attitude test is one of the most critical test that can save an organisation unimaginable amount of recruitment resources in form of time, effort, and money lost to recruitment errors.
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