Who is a Genius?

The dictionary defines a genius as somebody with exceptional ability, and whose intellectual achievements gain wide recognition in a specific area of endeavor. Achieving the genius status had been wrongly thought of as exclusive preserve of only very few people who are anointed by nature to demonstrate such attribute.

Modern research in psychology has however proved that while, only a few people ever discover and demonstrate their genius over a life time period; every man was endowed with the potential for being a genius from birth. Career choice aptitude test is found to be one of the most critical factors that can facilitate the achivement of genius status early in the life of adolecents.

Howard Gardner in his work on human intelligence discovered that human mind is made up multiple intelligence rather than unitary intelligence. No one individual is excellently endowed with all the variety of intelligences neither is any one disadvantaged in all of them. Every child has specific areas of dominant intelligence which if well developed will lead to the status of a genius. taking a statistically validated career test such as migenius test can help discover a child's dominant intelligence early in life.

How do People Become Geniuses

Research in cognitive psychology shows that one reason why most children never discover their genius is the inability of parents to distinguish between the two key variables that culminate in genius: Talents & Training. Genius is produced by a strategic combination of natural core talents and consistent training & practice congruent with core talents. While a person can be trained for average performance in virtually any profession, it is impossible for a person to become a genius in an area of endeavor for which he does not possess dominant intelligence or core natural talents.

What Is Migenius Test?
Migenius test is an effective career choice aptitude test that is utilized by experts to identify adolescents’ natural talents, bring such talents to their awareness and guide them to careers and professions in which they can quickly excel with such talents.

Migenius test is a detailed multiple intelligence test specially designed for adolescents to help them discover their natural talents and inherent potential.  It is based on internationally tested and widely accepted psychological models and techniques currently utilized by leading organizations in the world.

What are the Benefits of Migenius Test?

The report of the Migenius test will significantly improve the adolescents and their parents in the following ways:

Improves the ability of the adolescent to discover and pursue the path of genius and greatness as early as possible in his career, thereby saving a lot time that could have been wasted in trial and error search approach

Enhance their ability to select careers and professions in which their natural talents and gift will be fully utilized, thus guaranteeing excellence and leadership in such profession.

Improves their self-esteem by giving them conscious awareness of their unique natural strengths, thus eliminating tendency for inferiority complex or unhealthy competition.
Improves parent-child relationship by serving as a basis for better understanding and appreciation of the behaviors of their adolescents.

Improves Teacher-Student relationship by providing information about learning preferences of different adolescents and teaching techniques that will appeal to those preferences.
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