Customers are the ultimate source of income and profit for the organization.         …Unlike a few years back, development in Information and Telecommunication Technology have increased the decision power of the customers by providing faster and cheaper access to competing products, easier payment methods, larger geographical space, lower purchase processing cost, etc.
Research in strategic marketing however shows that there is no direct positive correlation between a product’s market share and the quality and technical functionality of the product.  That is, the product and companies commanding market leadership do not necessarily possess the most functional or technically efficient products.  The questions are: Why are some products or companies dominating the market consistently for several decades?  Why are some new products quickly becoming market leaders while others are gradually loosing out?  Why are some technically efficient and feature-rich product commanding lower market share than their lower quality pair?
This course is aimed at providing answers to these salient questions, as well as provides skills and information required to achieve and sustain market share leadership.


•Basic Principles Of Customer Psychology
•Conceptual Overview Of Buying Decisions  Processes
•Understanding The Corporate Buying Environment
•Effective Contact And Entry Point Strategies
•Mastering Sales Interview Techniques
•Understanding And Overcoming Sales Objections
•Understanding Markets and Managing Competition
•Analyzing And Communicating Offer Benefits
•Sales Closing And Follow-Up Techniques
•Case Analysis, Modeling And Role Plays
•Product Presentation Techniques
Creative Brand and Product Development Techniques

For Whom: Sales and Marketing Managers; Officers and Middle Managers involved in Sales, Marketing or Customer Relationships
.Strategy    .People   .Technology