What Is Unique About Robins Begg Training Programmes

Many organizations and individuals offer to provide training solutions, but very few really understand what learning means. Unless you understand the meaning of the word “learning” it easy to assume that exposing people to good or relevant information will automatically result in learning.

What Is Learning?
In psychology, learning is defined as a relatively permanent change in behavior resulting from information or experience. Until the learner’s behavior is changed in congruence to the new acquired knowledge, learning has not yet taken place. It is therefore, quite common for people to be highly educated in a specific area of endeavor without learning much in the same area. As simple as this definition is, it is what separates effective training organizations like ours from many “me too” training companies in Nigeria. The truth is, most training companies are satisfied once they have provided what they consider good or relevant information for the acquisition of skills like marketing or sales. We consider ourselves as being Nigeria’s # 1 mind transformation experts.

So what is transformational learning? Transformational learning is said to occur when the trainer has successfully altered the subconscious programming of the learners in such a way, that the learners behavior or character is altered in line with his new knowledge.

Differences between Informational and Transformational Training
Informational training targets the participants’ conscious mind, while transformational training targets participants’ subconscious mind. Informational training assumes that participants are thirsty for the knowledge to be impacted on them and therefore focus on the raw knowledge and data that is required for skills improvement. Transformational training assumes that the participants are both ignorant and not thirsty for the knowledge to be impacted; it therefore creates the thirst for the knowledge first and then provides satisfaction for that thirst by using subconscious programming tools such as humor, metaphors, stories, acronyms, formulas, diagrams, tables etc. Informational training often utilizes lecturer focused communication styles which are usually abstract to the learners, while transformational training utilizes leaner focused communication styles that are practical, concrete and applicable in current challenges.

At Robins Begg Consulting, our training is aimed at transformational learning, and the results we produce for our clients are proof of its effectiveness. Whether or not you deal with us, we will advise you to deal only with training organizations with working knowledge, tools, and techniques of transformational training. The impact on your human capital investment and bottom-line is quite significant.

Our Unique  Training Concept
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Strategic Leadership and Team Management
Strategic Leadership and Team Management Skills
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Creative Thinking Skills For Business Executives
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Understanding and Managing Staff Performance
Organization Power and Politics
Understanding and Managing Organisational Politics
Effective Administrative Management Skills
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Effective Skills For Recruiting And Retaining Top Performers
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Business Negotiation Skills
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Nine Habits of Star Performing Staff
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