Supervisory Management Skills
Supervisory Management is a middle-level management function which ..involves planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling of organizational resources. This position is a particularly challenging one because of its intermediary role between top-level management staff and the staff they are directly supervising.

A major problem at this level of management is the role conflict that managers often experience as result of trying to satisfy the expectations from top-level management on one hand, and those from their subordinate staff on the other. The ability of a supervisory manager to perform his roles and expectations successfully in that position is highly dependent on his possession of combined skills in management, human relations and leadership.


•Conceptual Overview of the Peculiarities and Challenges of Supervisory Management
•Understanding Organizational Structures, Hierarchies & Relationships
Organizational Communication Skills
•Understanding Group Dynamics and Leadership Skills
•Principles of effective Delegation
•Understanding and Managing Staff Motivation and Performance
•Conflict Resolution and Management
•Understanding and Managing your Boss
•Understanding and Managing Organizational Power and Politics
•Case Analysis, Group Discussion

For Whom: Heads of Departments, Branch Managers, Supervisors, Functional Managers and Middle-level Managers
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