Strategic Leadership and Team Management
Achieving and sustaining market leadership requires that every unit and individual within the organization become a leader and an excellent team player in their own domain. This is only achievable if the members of the organization become aware of the basic principles and variables, which influence people’s behaviour as individuals and members of the working group.

Unlike other organizational resources, people are relatively more complex and unpredictable, and therefore more difficult to manage. Several contingent and non-contingent variables such as mental state, social setting, experience, culture, personality, and beliefs e.t.c. influence the behaviour of individuals within an organization. Coming together in working groups naturally multiplies the complexities of these variables and introduces new variables to cope with
. Successfully managing these dimensions of complexity in modern organizations therefore requires the possession of skills in leadership and team management.

This training is aimed at providing detailed information, skills and strategies that demystify these complexities and dissolve the wall of imaginary positioning and conflicts among individuals, units and managers in modern organization.


•Relationship between Team Management and Market Leadership Equation
•Conceptual Overview of Human Behavioural Variables
•Basis of Individual Differences and Group Synergistic Effect
•Fundamental Differences between Work Groups and Team
•Processes of Group Formation and Synergistic Performance Eff
Basic Problems and Challenges of Team Management in Organizations
•Strategic Team Management Skills
•Effective Leadership Skills

For Whom: Heads of Departments, Branch Managers, Functional Managers, Senior Management Staff
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