One of the major obstacles to achieving so many great business dreams according to  
most people: is the unavailability of capital. As formidable as the availability capital  
seems to be to first time business starters, research into the history of leading  
companies in the world clearly shows that none of the original founders had the  
required capital necessary to pull off their business dreams as at the time they  
launched their business. And yet they became successful and great companies. For  
example, KFC was started by a broke, 65 year old retired soldier, HP was started in  
small car garage by two broke but passionate and determined friends.

The questions are: what exactly is business startup capital? What is the difference  
between financial capital and business startup capital? How can you attract significant  
business startup capital to your business without necessarily having a lot of cash?

This course is designed to answer these questions and more.


7 Common lies about Business Startup Capital
Understanding Capital and Capital Configuration
Laws of Capital Attraction
Sources of Business Startup Capital and their peculiarities
Understanding the Differences between Banks, Venture Capitalist and  
Business Shareholders as sources of Startup Capital
Developing a Magnetic Business Capital Sourcing Business Proposal
How to Demystify the Capital Obstacle and Attract Financial Resources to Start Your First Business
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