When many people think about retail business, the image that often come to their mind is that of small independent  
shops around several corners of the street. A closer and more professional look at retail business actually shows that  
most of the biggest and most valuable brands in the world are retail businesses. When you consider the fact that  
brands such as Coca-Cola, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, Macdonald, KFC, Microsoft, IBM, Mercedes Benz, Toyota,  
Wal-Mart and Walt-Disney are all retail businesses.

Going by the list above, it is obvious that retail businesses include but is not limited to retail outlets and distribution  
companies. It involves a whole range of value chain that is extremely important in every national economy. The  
questions then are: How do you determine the best category of retail business to invest in? What are the critical  
processes, and components of an effective retail business?

This training is aimed at providing practical skills, knowledge, and documentations required to start and manage a  
successful retail business.


Understanding Retail Business
Financial Potential hidden in Retail Business
Why many world leading Great companies are retail businesses
Critical success and failure factors for retail businesses
Overcoming the Key challenges of retail businesses
5 Immutable laws of shopping  
Understanding and managing shoppers’ psychology,
How to Start and Manage a Profitable Retail Business
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