Summary of Recruitment objectives:

The objective of our recruitment process and tools is to accurately evaluate the three key variables that determine candidates’ performance in an organization. These variables are: Inborn attributes Talents, Acquired attributes (Skills, Competencies, Experiences, and Expertise), and Attitudes (Work Perspective or Hidden Motivation). Our process and tools accurately measures these variables and deliver candidates with star performers’ potential in an organization. All the tools are products of international research in industrial psychology that have been fully tested in world leading organizations.

Stages and Tools

Stage 1: Work Attitude Evaluation Test.

This is implemented with a psychometric software called WORKIQ test. It a computer based psychological evaluation solution that measures the candidates work attitude. The test takes about 20 minutes and the results and detailed report is generated by the software.  Only candidates with cumulative marks of within the acceptable norm group relevant to the level or position sought are selected to proceed to the next level of evaluation.

Stage 2: Relevant Technical Test

All the successful candidates in WORKIQ test are subjected to relevant written technical test. The objective of this is to measure the veracity of claimed acquired attributes such as qualifications, experience, work achievements, and certifications.

Stage 3: Comprehensive Oral Interview.

All candidates that succeed in stage 2 above will be taken through a detailed structured oral interview session to measure critical attributes such as oral communication, grooming, dressing, etiquette, integrity verification, and detail skills confirmation.

Stage 4: Final Selection

Candidates that succeed in stage 4 above will have their detailed WORKIQ report printed. They will also take another psychological test called Talent Job Match Test. This test and the report produced will help in evaluating the extent to which the natural talents and personality of the
candidate is congruent to the intended job roles or position.
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