The word “Retirement” evokes either negative or positive psychological sequences or behavior in employees. For some, it is interpreted as the event that marks the beginning of boredom, gloom, uncertainty, powerlessness, irrelevance and poverty. For others, it is perceived as the event that ushers in high quality health, rest, freedom, joy, enthusiasm and prosperity.

Research has shown that the factors, which determine the type of psychological sequence and behaviors generated in employees by the label called “retirement”, are: (i) The Quality of financial planning skills they posses. (ii) The quantity of financial reserve currently built by them. (iii) Their emotional ability to understand and manage life uncertainty and adversity. While employees with positive perception of retirement approach the period with high spirit and high motivation, those with negative perception approach it with phobia, which often begins to affect their productivity years before their retirement.

The objective of this Programme is to provide effective psychological therapy and financial planning skills to middle age staff approaching retirement age.


The Mythology of Wealth Creation and Financial Success
The GRM2 Formula and Quadrants of Wealth Creation
Concepts and Principles of Opportunity Identification
Creative Thinking and Money Generation Skills
Ideas Evaluation, Conversion and Marketing Skills
Money Retention, Management and Accountability Skills
Strategic Differences in Mentality and Habits of Rich and Poor/Middle Class Personalities
Money Multiplication and Investments Skills
Understanding Markets & Competition
Wealth Protection Strategies and Tools
Managing Post-Retirement Stress
Practical Case Analysis, Practice Questions and Group Discussion

For Whom: Middle-Aged Staff Approaching Retirement
Pre-Retirement Prosperity Plan
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