Personal Prosperity Plan
Most Business Organizations have a vision to be financially prosperous on a consistent and long-term basis. However, one major factor that determines whether this vision will be realized or not is the extent to which the company’s staff understand, embrace, and are motivated by such a vision of prosperity. This is because an individual staff member with little or no interest, understanding or involvement in his own personal prosperity plan is not likely to be motivated by an organizational prosperity plan.

Research data from the world’s leading organizations shows that:
-a worker’s motivation and productivity is highly associated with his level of understanding/involvement in personal financial-success habits and processes;
-the financial net worth of a worker has no relationship with the size of his salary. This means that an increase in a worker’s salary does not necessarily translate to a higher financial net worth, but usually results in higher consumption of luxury goods and leisure services.

Personal Prosperity Plan (PPP) is a skill-based long-term prosperity programme for employees. It is aimed at increasing corporate prosperity by improving individual staff motivation and productivity, through the harmonization of the prosperity mentality and vision of management with that of the staff.


•The Mythology of Wealth Creation and Financial Success
•The GRM2 Formula and Quadrants of Wealth Creation
•Concepts and Principles of Opportunity Identification
•Creative Thinking and Money Generation Skills
•Ideas Evaluation, Conversion and Marketing Skills
•Money Retention, Management and Accountability Skills
•Strategic Differences in Mentality and Habits of Rich and Poor/Middle Class Personaliti
Money Multiplication and Investments Skills
•Understanding Markets & Competition
•Wealth Protection Strategies and Tools
•Practical Case Analysis, Practice Questions and Group Discussion

For Whom:   All Staff
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