Personal Effectiveness
We all admire and enjoy associating with effective people. These are people who set apparently impossible goals for themselves and eventually achieve them. The question is: why are most people not as effective as they should be?

Research conducted on the psychology of achievement shows that less than 3% of the people in the world have clearly defined goals for their lives, businesses or careers. Goal setting, however, is only one out of many other steps on the ladder of personal effectiveness.

Being effective requires that an individual must be able to do the following things among others:
•Set unambiguous goals,
•Identify and acquire relevant skills, habits and associations required to achieve the goals;
•Plan and organize his time effectively around the goals;
•Take risks; and
•Manage the unavoidable failures that he may encounter on his way to achieving the desired goals.

This Personal Effectiveness training programme is aimed at equipping the new recruits with the requisite skills, tools and habits that will support them in their quest to achieve organizational and personal goals.

•The Mystery of Goal Setting and Effective Goal Setting Tools
•BDH Formula for Personal Effectiveness
•The Law of Habits, Expertise and Association
•Effective Time Management Tools & Strategies
•Risk and Failure Management Skills
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