Organization Power and Politics
People often ask the question - “What does it take to get promoted quickly in an organization?” “Why do some brilliant, technically-sound, but conservative managers get promoted less often than their colleagues who are not as competent?” The answer to a large extent lies in having a good grasp of organizational power and politics.

To achieve success in any organization, it is necessary to understand the unavoidable issues of power and politics at work in any group or team situation within an organization. It is equally important to learn how the knowledge of power and politics can equip team members to achieve their organizational goals.

Understanding and Managing Organizational Power and Politics will provide skills and information to improve the perception and skills of managers in organizational power and politics.


Conceptual Overview of the Role of Power and Politics within an Organization
•Defining Power
Understanding the Power Equation
•Understanding the Types and Bases of Power
•Location of Power in Organization
•Ethics and  Political Behavior
•Power Tactics And Leadership Techniques
•Positive Politicking Skills

For Whom: Heads of Departments, Branch Managers, Functional Managers and Senior Management Staff
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