Nine Habits of Star Performing Staff

The management of most organizations can identify and nurture star performers when they see one. In fact, many organizations have well developed evaluation systems to identify and eliminate poor performers as soon as possible. The major challenge in human capital management is how to make star performers out of diligent, loyal, and willing average performers.

The truth is that most human capital experts have very little information about why some few staff achieves and sustain staff performance status. This is because there is no direct correlation between star performance status and performance predicting variable such as academic credentials and personality traits. Research data gathered among world leading star performing staff shows that themselves they do not personally have accurate awareness of variables responsible for their behavior at work.

Research study of over 500 star performing managers in world leading organizations was able to identify and distill nine predictable habits common to
star performers. These habits are not only predictable; they are transferable and can be easily developed by willing staff through training and practice. This training is aimed at providing the information and skills required for an average staff to achieve and sustain star performing status.


Demystifying the star performance status
•Developing usable Initiative skills
•Plugging into the Knowledge network
•Understanding and Utilizing Self-Management Skills
•Working with a Multi-Dimensional Perspective
•Strategic Followership Skills

For Whom: All Knowledge Workers in Organi
Nine Habits of Star Performing Staff
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