Have you ever noticed that people generally enjoy shopping, while they often resent sales people trying to sell  
things to them. This is quite paradoxical because the end product of these two activities will end in exactly the same  
thing - release of money in exchange for value from the buyer to the seller.

However, while these two processes involves similar core actions, the perception and feelings attached to them by  
prospective buyers are completely different. When people shop, they believe they are exercising free, unforced,  
and pleasurable action. When they are being sold to by a sales person, they often see it as an attempt by the  
salesperson to usurp their freedom of choice and emotionally force them into a purchase decision that may not be  
best for them.

A money magnet is a product that gives your target market a feeling of shopping rather than sense of being sold to.  
Winning products in the market place are designed and delivered with the philosophy of a money magnet - A  
product that is perceived as valuable and so appealing that you actually enjoy exchanging your money for it.   

Converting a good product into a money magnet requires specific skills and expertise in in cognitive and customer  
psychology which will be the focus of this training programme.


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