Key Accounts Managemet Skills
Identifying and winning new and profitable customers for the company ..requires a substantial amount of organizational resources. Often, the financial value of the first business transaction is not large enough to justify the company’s investment in initiating the relationship.
Real and sustained profit on the business relationship can only be generated if the customers are retained over a long period. However, retaining and maximizing the business potential of profitable customers is a challenging task . This is because the company’s customers are constantly inundated with attractive offers from competing firms.
This course is aimed at providing the skills and information required by business executives to manage and maximize the business potential of key customers’ accounts.

Course Contents

•Conceptual Overview of Key Accounts Management Processes
•Understanding the Principles of Customer loyalty
•Economic and Psychological Valuation of customer loyalty
Managing Decision Makers in Key Accounts
•Effective Strategies for Excellent Customers Service Delivery
•Strategic Planning Tools for Key Accounts Management
•Developing and Implementing Customer Bonding Strategies
•Developing Effective Measurement and Rewards for Successful Account Management
•Case Analysis, Modeling, and Role Plays

For Whom:  Sales and Marketing staff
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