Many people have lost a lot of money by investing in a business idea they assume will make them a lot of money.  
Unfortunately, less than 3% of business ideas we assume will succeed in the market place ever live up to that expectation. By  
the time most people realize that their idea is not worth investing in however, they often have already spent several millions of  
naira, and several months of lost efforts.

However, enormous amounts of heart aches, and financial losses could have been avoided if these people had the skills and  
tools to distinguish between a good business idea and winning business idea. The difference between a good business idea  
and winning business idea is the difference between speculation and investment.   

According to Benjamin Graham, “any time you commit significant financial resources into any kind of venture mainly because  
of a promising return on investment, without a guarantee of the safety of the principal, using a thorough scientific analysis, you  
are speculating not investing”. Going by this definition, 98% of financial decisions tagged ‘investments’ are mere speculations.  
It is therefore not unexpected to see people lose tremendous amount of money in various kinds and forms of financial  
investments: from stock market investments, to venturing into new business, promoting new products, and diversifying into  
new business area. Success in these decisions is exceptions rather than the norm.

The objective of this training is to provide practical, accurate and scientific skills, and expertise, and tools that will help  
prospective entrepreneurs and owners of young business to identify good business opportunities and filter out winning  
business ideas from them before committing financial resources.


What is a business Idea?
Understanding the process and laws of creating good business ideas
Understanding the critical differences between a good business idea and a winning business idea
Nurturing your business ideas from conception to implementation
Key pillars of the Imagination-Implementation Bridge and the vehicles for crossing the bridge
Formulas and tools for calculating Ideas success index (ISD)
How to write a workable business plan
How to Evaluate and Implement Viable Business Ideas
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