According to the USA Small Business Administration Unit, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first year of operation and 95% of the remaining fail within the next five years. The question is: Why do so many start-up businesses fail? What are the common traits and factors among the few successful businesses and their leaders?

Research in the area of business startup shows that one of the key factors separating successful companies from their counterparts that failed is the ability to accurately distinguish the difference between Risk and uncertainty. Understanding and managing these two hidden variables largely determine those who win from those who fail in the jungle of competitive business.

This course is specifically designed to empower prospective entrepreneurs and owners of young businesses with practical, research supported and experience-based strategic skills required to take their business from startup to breakthrough.


Why most businesses fail in the first 5 years
•Understanding the differences between risk and uncertainty
•Understanding the Genetic code of Breakthrough companies, Great Companies and Visionary companies
•Understanding the Law of Breakthrough momentum
•7 key obstacles to building a breakthrough business and how to overcome
•7 Immutable Habits of Breakthrough business leaders and how to develop
Developing the Mind, Habits, and Decision Patterns of Star Entrepreneurs
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