Consummating and sustaining major business relationships between buyers …and sellers often involve significant investments in activities such as: bid preparation, requirements evaluation, proposal development, follow-up visits, phone calls, traveling, sales presentations e.t.c. These activities, which sometimes run into several weeks or months, may eventually culminate into a business negotiation meeting.

Unlike other aspects of the sales process, negotiation is usually a non-sequential process involving different parties with divergent motives, relationships and behaviors. Unfortunately, the success or failure of such a meeting will have far reaching consequences on the business of the parties involved.
Successfully handling the complexity of issues, relationships and goals involved in a business negotiation requires the possession of critical skills by business executives.


•Conceptual Overview of Sales and Negotiation Process
•Identifying Buying Signals and Sales  Closing Techniques
•Understanding Fundamental Framework Influencing Business Negotiation Situations•Identifying and Managing Stages of Business Negotiation
•Understanding and Managing Roles, Behaviors and Motive s in Business Negotiation
Business Negotiation Strategies and Tactics
•Handling Negotiation Breakdown
•Business Negotiation Closing Techniques
•Managing Post Negotiation Relationships
•Case Analysis, Group Discussion
Business Negotiation Skills
.Strategy    .People   .Technology