Each business organization desires to achieve sustainable growth and profitability. Indeed, the very existence of an enterprise is premised on the fact that it will make profits by exchanging its products or services for value.

It is however, quite common for companies to be neck-deep in activities yet making little or financial profit. The only effective means by which an organization can ensure and sustain profitability is to keep accurate financial records. These records should then be interpreted regularly, so that necessary decisions favorable to profitability can be taken by managers.

The objective of this course is to provide the accounts department staff of the company with fundamental principles, processes, and procedures for keeping accurate accounting records in a trading and manufacturing organization.


•Overview of Accounting Principles, Concepts, and Terminologies
•Classifications of Accounts and The Principles Of Double Entry
•Basic Principles of Costing and Cost Management
•Stores and  Inventory: (Management and Costing Principles and Techniques)
•Key Principles, Processes and Procedures For Implementing Effective Internal Control Systems
•Introduction to Accounting Reports and Interpretations
•Introduction to Computerized Accounting Systems
Basic Accounting Course
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