Without activity there will be no profit. But profit can be completely absent in the midst of very busy business  
activities. Research shows that in most nations of the world, 85% - 90% of active businesses are either dying or  
struggling to survive when measured using profitability parameters.

The most dangerous issue about this phenomenon is that many of these companies can continue to operate in  
this vulnerable conditions for a prolong period of time without being consciously aware. This is because many  
profit look-alike such as cash flows, sales income, bank loans etc. can easily deceive or distract from the metrics  
and measurements of profitability. The truth however is that: lack of profit is like cancer, it is a silent business  
killer. By the time the symptoms become very obvious business may not be able to survive the onslaught.

This training is designed to provide owners and managers of small companies with the necessary knowledge,  
skills, tools and processes that is required to understand, design, and manage profitability in their companies.


Understanding Business Profits
Understanding and Implementing Effective Designs for Your Business
15 Immutable Laws of Profits
Critical Components and Drivers of Business Profits
Understanding, Measuring and Improving Your Strategic Profit Control Index
How to Go from Being Busy to Being in Business
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